What has happened since the time of your grandmother’s kitchen and basic appliances to add more value and make a homeowner’s life easier? Refrigerators and the average kitchen appliance can do more today for you than ever before.

As you look to build, renovate or update a kitchen for your real-life needs, it is time to do some homework on the type of technology now available in kitchen appliances and gadgets. Not only can such technology and upgrades increase your enjoyment of your kitchen but they can help save you money, support a healthy lifestyle, and bring families closer.

Get the scoop on the useful kitchen technologies on the market to make a homeowner’s life more convenient and save them money over the lifetim...

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Your kitchen is your happy place. Cooking should be made easy when you have the perfect accessories placed within your cabinetry. Accessories help organize and store all your utensils, pots and pans for your personal convenience. Here are 5 must haves in your kitchen to make cooking as easy as possible!

Knife Drawer

Keep all your knives organized, sharp and ready to use, with our knife drawer kit. The kit has full extension soft close guides that provide full access to the drawer. Have little ones? Our magnetic lock kit is the perfect solution. The lock system does not require the standard keys or keyholes, therefore maintaining the look of your drawer front.


Base Cutlery Pullout

Every great chef knows that you are only as good as your utensils, but having so many sizes and brands can make them a nightmare to store. That is no longer a concern with this organizer! This pullout comes with stainless steel utensil bins, knife inserts, and a lower shelf for more storage.


Base Filler Peg Pullout

Utilize every inch of your cabinet space, whether it is behind a decorative filler or in a corner, the peg pullout will make “wasted space” a thing of the past! The removable hooks and pegs on the stainless steel panel provide endless storage customization.


Spice and Culinary Drawer

Cutlery, spices and knives all in one answer! You can achieve this design by pairing the following: Drawer Cutlery Organizer, Container Organizer with glass containers and a Knife Block Organizer. All of these accessories are available in deep and rich Walnut wood grain.


Pot and Pan Pullout

This cabinet provides a tiered pullout shelf to add convenience when putting away pots and pans. The pullout drawer, with soft close drawer slides, provides a full visual of all that is in the cabinet, along with easy access to the stored items.


The next time you decide to design your kitchen with Wellborn cabinets, remember these unique accessories in your kitchen! The next time you are planning a new construction project or remodel, remember to consider these accessories in your kitchen design!

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Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. featured in the 2016 Southern Living Idea House

The bathroom is many people’s comfort zones. Evidently, it will not be called comfort rooms if it is not. Many prefer this part of the home to be as spacious as possible, but, the reality is, most often than not, this room compensates to the lack thereof.

Fret not! You don’t really need to knock down some walls to expand the room. One of the most common techniques—and the most functional one too: proper cabinet and storage placement.

Here are some tips for your mind to think your bathroom is bigger than what it really is:

Choose/Paint the cabinet doors monochromatic with the lightest shade possible.

Following the theme of your bathroom, choose cabinets that goes and blends in mono-chromatically. If it’s possible, go with the lightest shade possible. The color white (or light colors) reflects light, be it natural light from the sun or supplied by lighting fixtures. If the light touch cabinet surfaces, it will bounce back, making the room seem brighter, hence bigger and more spacious. If you want to trick your mind into thinking that your bathroom is actually bigger, install white tiles, paint your walls and your ceilings white.

If you have wooden cabinetry, opt for using lighter woods as opposed to dark colored woods. A light colored wood will allow for more light to reflect off of surfaces and will not make the room look more cramped than it already is.

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Kitchens are the primary target of home remodels because they are the heart of the home and offer great returns on investment. Typically kitchen remodels return between 75 and 80 percent on money invested. Smaller and simpler undertakings seem to be a better value than larger and more complicated undertakings.

One way to ensure that you get your moneys worth is to use a professional designer that can insure you know all options available and guide you to make the best ones for you. Another way is to use a professional cabinet installer so that your investment is handled and installed properly and warranties are maintained.

If your remodel requires more than a couple of different trades you may need to look into getting a good licensed co...

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Just a few things to think about.

Hire a contractor who shows up on time for the estimate and seems professional and knowledgeable. Make sure the company you choose has the resources to complete your project on time. The company you select should routinely produce the quality of work you are expecting to receive (choosing the lowest price you can find will likely yield workmanship on the lower end of the scale).

Be prepared to pay a deposit up to 50 percent of the total price to initiate your contract. It will cover the contractor's large expenses like construction materials, cabinets, flooring, fixtures and crew to start your project.

Don't hire unlicensed contractors to do the job. If you do, you will have no recourse should you be unh...

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New Mexico Chili Cookoff

If you can read this whole story without laughing, then there's no hope for you. I was crying by the end.

Note: Please take time to read this slowly.
If you pay attention to the first two judges,
the reaction of the third judge is even better.

For those of you who have lived in New Mexico , you know how true this is. They actually have a Chili Cook-off about the time Halloween comes around. It takes up a major portion of a parking lot at the Santa Fe Plaza Judge #3 was an inexperienced Chile taster named Frank...

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I'm sure glad I didn't buy any of that Chinese import drywall how about you? Man those people have real problems. That stuff is emmiting all sorts of toxins into the air (carbon disulfide, carbonyl sulfide, hydrogen sulfide). Homeowners are being advised to move out, gut their homes or bulldose them and start over. The problem is that products imported from other countries are generally not held to the same standards as products produced here in the United States.
I'm sure glad I didn't buy any of those Chinese import cabinets how about you?

No one wants to give money away right? One often over looked item in a home is the condition of your countertop caulking. Everyone assumes the counters were caulked when they were installed and never need to be bothered with again but that's not true. Caulking only lasts so long and should be inspected and repaired as needed to insure a good moisture seal to prevent top damage.

Five dollars worth of caulking and 20 minutes now can save hundreds or even thousands of your hard earned dollars later.